About us

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Gabriele Sani


Fair Fig provides finely tailored support to our customers.

We do not try to fit our technologies of choice into all projects we come across. It all starts with you.

We listen to your needs and targets, we research state-of-the-art solutions that would fit your project, the we discuss with you some alternatives. You choose the one that works best for you, and then we assemble a team of experts in the technologies and tools needed to deliver it.

We have chosen to work in this way since we want to keep your perspective first, but also because technology changes all the time. With this approach, we can guarantee you that the team following you is made of true experts in the field, every time.

This gives us greater flexibility, too. While you will always have a single point of contact, behind the scene we can tailor the support based on your timeframe and budget. We can provide 24/7 support and development, or low-cost alternatives. We can also quickly ramp up or freeze resources if your needs change over time.

This is our promise: always professional, and personal.